Chocolate thank yous – A modern day investment

Thank you chocolateYou know the drill, you sweat blood and tears to pull off the perfect event and all your hard work paid off in the end, as everyone had a fantastic time and you are left basking in the glory. Now the fun part is over the last part of the puzzle begins, as it is time to reach out to those who made it possible and give them that well deserved ‘thank you’. Whilst this may sound like an easy task, finding new and unique ways to express your gratitude can some times be a bit tricky, and lets face it, time consuming.

In between work, getting kids ready for school, feeding yourself and your other half; finding time to do everyday things such as socialise, keep fit and shop seem impossible, far less carving out time to sit down and lovingly pen that must do thank you card. However, if we are all truly honest as to the reasons behind these tokens of gratitude the methods we use and what we decide to say can really change our approach.

Let’s be realistic, we say thank you for two reasons. Firstly ,because we want to show our appreciation  for any help we received and secondly, and more controversially, because we may need their help again at a later date. It may sound a bit crass but it’s true and if you look at thank you cards as a future investment tool, the normal slip of paper does not really seem to cut it, especially if you are planning a wedding or another large event in the future. You will have to pull out all the stops!

Here are a few alternatives to thank you cards that will not only show your loved ones that you really appreciate them, they will also ensure that you earn enough emotional credit to secure their services again in the future. After all it’s all about stock piling!

Keep them sweet…

Some may argue that a nice hand crafted note takes some effort, is personal and shows the other person that you are truly thankful. However why not send them a personalised thank you chocolate bar or thank you chocolate slab with a special message on it. Not only does it scream effort, the great taste will ensure that it is one thank you that they won’t forget. We all know that chocolate is full of endorphins so why not trick their brains into thinking that that moment of pure joy, is directly linked to helping you. Think of the babysitting mileage you could get out of that one!

It’s in the bag…

Gift bags are not only for parties, they can work well as a thank you present also. Fill them with a short note, a nice picture from the event and a little something to nibble on. You know the old adage a way to a mans heart is through his belly. Well that works for women too particularly if it involves chocolate as well!


A few years ago if you asked someone what a selfie was, chances are you would either receive a look of complete confusion, or worst case scenario be mistaken for making an inappropriate comment. Now, it’ has made it’s way into the dictionary and are so popular that even grandparents are jumping on the selfie bandwagon. Why not send a Thankie, a lovely picture of yourself holding a thank you sign with a personalised strapline. This is a real emotional winner and if your lucky may even be shared, which will show the world what a grateful person you are. You never know you may even get some new recruits to help you out in the future!




An Award Winning Business

We’re an Award Winning Business – and that’s official!

We’re delighted to report that The Chocolate Wrapper was the Winner of the Chamber of Commerce’s Best New Business Award 2014.

A great accolade for our family business and recognition of our innovative products!

photo 3Award - 500

Have a fav – ulous wedding day!

Personalised matches, Chocolate bars, CD’S and flip flops. They may sounds like a mish mash of unrelated items but surprisingly they do all share a common theme – Wedding favours.

Weddings should be one of the best days of your life; a time when you are surrounded by family and friends and that special person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. However, anyone who has ever planned a wedding either as a bride or groom or been involved with the process through a friend or family member will know that it can be an extremely stressful time.

Let’s be real there’s no getting away from it – planning a wedding is stressful, as there is just so much to organise and the ‘to do’ list can seem positively overwhelming! However, one of the areas that normally leads people to hit the bottle on the lead up to the big day are the wedding favours. It may not sound like a big deal, but those little babies are really important as you want your wedding to be unforgettable for your guests.

Gone are the days when they meant colourful sugar coated almonds wrapped in matching mesh fabric and tied with an awkwardly knotted ribbon. The world of wedding favours has moved on to a whole new dimension and is now more creative and fun than ever. If you want some great gifts that won’t break the bank check out   our ideas below.

Choc- a- wokka- wow- wow

Let’s face it weddings can be an awkward time for your guests and creative favours can be a great way for people to break the ice. Get their endorphins flowing and help ease any tension with a personalised wedding chocolate bar. Allow them to get lost in a superb world of chocolaty goodness and relax.

Bring on the dancing shoes

Encourage them to shake a leg or two on the dance floor by providing them with flip-flops. Believe us, it’s not only the ladies that will thank you for this after a good few hours in “posh shoes.” Leave them on their chairs with a little note and watch that dance floor fill up!

Get those sparks going

Matches always come in handy, so why not personalise your own box and give them to your guests as a thank you.

It’s a kid’s world

Finally don’t forget the children. It’s a long old day for them and by the time they get to the reception they can often be bored, fed-up and tired. Which when translated means ready to cause trouble! Keep them entertained with their own special favours. Grab a small note pad and some crayons and tie them in a bundle with a few sweets. Not only will this keep them quite but help to keep you sane!

Recognition by The FSB

FSB ArticleWe’re delighted to see that The Chocolate Wrapper continues to generate national interest and has been recognised by and featured in ‘First Voice‘ – The National Magazine for The Federation of Small Businesses.

The Chocolate Wrapper has enjoyed some great coverage from people interested in the story as to how the business was established so it’s great to see our name in print!

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Award winning Chocolate

Chamber awards logo - 200We’re delighted to announce that The Chocolate Wrapper has been nominated and short listed as a Finalist in the Best New Business category for the Chamber of  Commerce Business Awards 2014!

As The Chocolate Wrapper continues to grow, we’re delighted that our personalised chocolate bars have been recognised in this way are are looking forward to attending the glitzy Awards Ceremony in September.

Thank you to all our customers past and present for your support.  People seem to love the idea that what started life as a fun project for our teenage children has grown into a successful chocolate business for our family and that we continue to go from strength to strength!

Thank you for your continued support.

Peter, Kath, Jess & Sophie

Chocolate can reverse ageing!

In 17th Century London it was believed that chocolate could reverse the ageing process!

In the 17th century, the craze for chocolate reached epic levels as it started to become the must have accessory for the middle and aspiring classes.  As a symbol of wealth and worldliness, it was fast becoming a must have commodity.

In 1657  various newspapers were reporting that the public could sample, buy or learn how to make an ‘excellent West India drink’ called chocolate from a Frenchman,  who was said to be the first man to sell it in England. History suggests that people would flock to his chocolate house which was tucked away in Queen’s Head Alley in Bishopsgate Street London just to get a taste of what they saw as an exotic drink.

Within the next decade, a slew of pamphlets appeared proclaiming the miraculous, medicinal qualities of chocolate and not only was it ramping up as a fashion accessory it was also said to boost fertility, cure consumption, alleviate indigestion and reverse ageing. In one of the advertisements of the time, it was said that a mere lick would ‘make old women look young and fresh! However, for other’s it really did have healing qualities and Samuel Pepys swore by chocolate as the perfect cure for a hangover. He suggested that it was thanks to its healing qualities that his ‘sad head’ and ‘imbecilic stomach’ were relieved the day after Charles II’s bacchanalian coronation.

The Power of Chocolate

Any chocoholic knows the importance of chocolate, but did you know that chocolate is technically responsible for the invention of the microwave?

I know what you’re thinking, and whilst it didn’t come up with the technology all by itself, it did provide the inspiration for something that many of us cannot live without.

Scientists were experimenting with micro waves in hope of creating better radar detectors, when a scientist named Percy Spencer entered the lab with a chocolate bar in his pocket. He quickly realised that it began to melt and putting two and two together he figured out that the magnetron could potentially be used to cook food. He successfully tried popping corn and then attempted to cook an egg which cooked so quickly, it blew up in his face.

Moral of the story: Always walk around with a bar of chocolate; it could make you a millionaire!

Chocolate Money

We always knew it was liquid gold…

Chocolate moneyIf you think that you’re a chocolate lover, we bet that you are nowhere near as committed to our sweet little friend as the ancient Mayans.

The history of chocolate pretty much begins with them as cacao beans were so valuable that they were used as currency. It is said that ten beans could buy a rabbit, and one hundred were enough to buy yourself a workman!  (That sounds better than minimum wage to us.)

When the Aztecs came along they adopted these traditions and continued using cacao to trade anything from livestock, to food and tools. Chocolate was so powerful that some people actually created counterfeit beans using clay, and history shows that there was a sophisticated counterfeit racket. However interestingly, it was very rarely consumed and generally only the rich drank chocolate regularly.

We guess that is fair enough, after all, drinking your money works out to be pretty expensive.

Birthday Chocolate Bars – Making that Big Day Even More Special

Whether you are turning 8, 18 or even 18, your birthday is the one time of year when you should be able to enjoy being pampered and made to feel really special.

Whilst big expensive gifts can be lovely, the most important thing is to be made to feel like someone has really thought about you, even if it’s just a special card that strikes a chord.

If you are looking for a way to show someone how much they mean to you, or even to arrange the perfect birthday party, you might want to consider getting a birthday chocolate bar. We take a look at what they are and just how they can make the big day even more special.

What are birthday chocolate bars?

There are not many people that don’t like chocolate, so the idea of having a special chocolate bar personally dedicated to them has to be a winner.

A birthday chocolate bar has a custom-made wrapper which enables the birthday boy or girl to have their name, and a personal message if desired. The chocolate is as scrummy as any other you would find on the shelves and it’s usually possible to keep the external wrapper intact if you want to keep it as a memento.

Birthday chocolate barBirthdays are made to be special.

You can either pick from one of the ready-made designs or simply add in your name and message or you can create your own individual bespoke birthday chocolate bar from scratch if you have a certain idea in mind.

There are a wide range of themes available; boys, girls, young and old and even generic designs too so it’s perfect for the whole family.

Perfect for kids parties

There can be a lot to think about for kid’s parties but having a birthday chocolate bar can solve some of the problems in one easy step.

Handing out a party bag at the end of the day has become a tradition but finding the right items to include can be a headache.

A birthday chocolate bar is the ideal item to give to every child; and with a personalised message it’s a simple way to say thank you to everyone for attending.

If you’re worried about overloading small tummies on sugar, there’s a miniature version which includes all the same great features but in a smaller bite-sized chunk, perfect for little people.

You can even upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl for printing on the wrapper or you can simply plump for one of the many birthday designs already available.

Finding a small piece of delicious chocolate in the party bag is bound to please every child and with a personalised birthday message too, it offers a convenient way to say thanks.

A sweet way to say happy birthday

Many people simply swap cards on their birthdays rather than going to the expense of buying presents but even this can work out surprisingly costly.

So rather than heading down to the card shop the next time a birthday rolls around, you might want to consider sending a personalised birthday chocolate bar instead.

This little action is a thoughtful and considerate way of saying happy birthday in an understated yet meaningful manner. But of course, if you wanted to make a bigger gesture you could always opt for one of the larger bars of chocolate – not something that can be easily forgotten or overlooked!

Dad birthday chocolateWho doesn’t like chocolate?

A birthday chocolate bar can be surprisingly cheap; it’s possible to get a good quality standard birthday bar, complete with custom design and message, for less than you would spend on a card for someone special.

And given the choice between receiving a paper card, or a chocolate bar complete with custom design and message – or even better a bespoke creation! – Which one would you prefer to receive…?


Whether you are arranging a kids party, looking for the right way to show someone how much you care, or simply whether you are bored with the uninspiring range of cards on offer, a birthday chocolate bar could provide the solution.

Loved by kids and adults alike, a birthday chocolate bar is a way to show someone that you have put some thought into finding the right gift for them, and you can be certain that the gesture will be received with delight.

Why Chocolate Favours are so Popular at Weddings

When you are planning your big day, there is an almost endless list of tasks to consider from deciding on the theme of your wedding to the critical task of picking the perfect dress.

But as any good wedding planner will admit, whilst the big decisions are important it can be the smaller details which make the difference between a great day and a really unique occasion.

Wedding favours may not be high on your list of priorities but getting it right can really wow your guests. We take a look at chocolate favours and just why they are so popular at weddings.

A link to the past

Wedding favours have been part of the celebrations for centuries and date back to aristocratic occasions in olden times. Wedding favours were presented as a way for the bride and groom to say thank you to their guests for travelling to celebrate their special day with them.

In the days of yore, sugar was a very rare commodity and considered an extreme luxury so the very first favours were simply sugar cubes presented in an ornate box. As the centuries passed and sugar became more accessible, it was replaced as a wedding favour by pretty sugared almonds, another sweet treat.

Chocolate wedding favours

Whilst many modern-day wedding favours have moved away from consumables, chocolate remains a way to provide your guests with something that everyone can enjoy which still has its roots in tradition, yet with a contemporary twist.

Match with your colour scheme

More or less every wedding has a special theme or colour which influences the decorations, with everything from chair swags to table cloths matching and complementing each other.

Having a chocolate wedding favour at every setting which blends in with your colour selection will ensure that not only will your guests enjoy the treat, it will look pretty too!

The wrapper for chocolate favours comes in all shapes and sizes so whether you want to offer a small bite-sized favour, or a larger treat, you can select the right bar and even design the wrapper too.

Companies selling chocolate favours offer a wide range of custom designs in all colours of the rainbow so you can pick the image and the shade which you like. Whether it’s champagne corks on a cream background or wedding rings on vintage gold, there’s a wealth of options for you to pick from.

Just because you are picking a ready-made design doesn’t mean that you can’t personalise your chocolate favour. Once you have settled on the colour and image, you can add your own message and words for your guests to read.

Creating something memorable

Of course, whilst providing your guests with a scrummy chocolate treat to enjoy is always going too be welcomed, the wedding favour is as much about the wrapper as it is about what’s inside.

This means that whilst you may want to pick one of the beautiful custom designs, you may have something different that you want to feature on the wrapper.

Chocolate always goes down well!
Wedding favour - civil partnership

The good news is that it’s possible to create a bespoke design for your own exclusive wedding favour; simply provide the company with a jpeg of your image and they will put your perfect package together.

What you opt to include is really up to you but starting with a plain base, you can let your imagination go wild! A favourite picture, image or even a photograph of the bride and groom…all are great ideas to create your bespoke wedding favour. If one of you is particularly creative, you could even feature your very own drawing or artwork!

Once you have your image and design, don’t forget to add your words – whether it’s a message to your guests or just the names of the happy couple and the date – to make it a truly personal wedding favour.


It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate and an edible wedding favour is bound to hit the sweet spot with your guests. But by creating the perfect wedding favour wrapper you can be certain that your tables will look stunning and you won’t have to compromise on design or colour. A small but essential detail, pick chocolate wedding favours to give your guests a treat and a day to really enjoy.

Chocolate man


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